Apr 132011
bathtubFrom Lady Cheeky to M- Excerpt from a past email:
“Didn’t have much time to write this for you … so please forgive mistakes and a little less detail than I would’ve liked. xoxo”

You come home from a frustrating and chaotic day at work. Everything seems to have gone wrong today; little league cancelled, iPad not working, bus stop 50 people deep … in the rain. All you want to do is crawl under the sheets and hide from the world.

No such luck. You are met at the door by your lover who, before you can say anything, simultaneously kisses you softly on the lips and takes your briefcase from you. I am dressed only in a simple pink silk slip and a grey cashmere wrap. My wavy, red hair messily framing my face,  “You’re soaking wet” I say “Come with me …”

You take your shoes off and take my hand as I lead you to the laundry room where I immediately turn around to kiss you again … this time cradling your right cheek in my soft warm hand. “We need to get you dry.” With that, I begin undressing you. First your tie, then your shirt … I unbutton your pants and pull them down along with your boxers until you can kick them off. There you stand. Naked as the day you were born. Gorgeous.  Wrapping you in a just-out-of-the-dryer towel … warm and soft, I dry you off and begin kissing you all the way up your body … lips followed by a towel, until I reach your neck where I wrap the towel around both of us, nuzzle your ear and kiss the soft skin between your jaw and lobe. Pulling away I hand you your robe and slippers. “Follow me” I say.

In the living room, a roaring fire awaits – crackling and cozy. In front of the fireplace, a lavish scattering of pillows and blankets, candles and a beautiful spread of grilled salmon, spring greens and of course … Guinness. “Come. Sit, my love … lets eat”. My face beams with adoration and love as I can see this could be the perfect antidote for your crazy day. Together, we share a well-made dinner while you unload your day. I make you laugh about it in certain parts of your re-telling … but mainly just listen as you express your frustrations. By the time you have finished your dinner, you are definitely feeling better.  Laying on our sides now, facing each other, holding hands, gently kissing, staring into each others eyes, enjoying the moment of just being.  “I have one more surprise for you … Will you follow me, again?”

Ah the bath. Candles already alight, I run the water. As the tub begins to fill, I begin to untie your robe all the while looking up at you, eyes asking for a kiss. You happily oblige.  There we stand, rain falling outside, warm bathroom lit only by candles … kissing tenderly. The kind of kisses that merge with the soul, communicate with each others hearts. Gently  guide you to the bath where you gingerly step in (I knows you like it hot). Whatever tension you had left in your body is now dissipated by the hot water and light bath oil. “ok now soak … close your eyes, lay back and let the water envelope you, babe”. As you do, you can feel the soft and soapy wash cloth guided by my hands, stroking up and down your thighs, your arms your stomach … then … opening your eyes, you can see I am kneeling between your legs in the bath, my naked body wet and shiny from the combination of the water and oil.
Placing my hands on your knees “Just relax, babe” I say with a saucy smile. My hands wander southward and slowly, using your thighs as a path, find your already erect sex. My hands encompass the shaft, stroking gently and then a little firmer … but purposely not touching the head. Not thinking it was possible you get even harder I’m pleased with what I see. You are squirming now and the water splashes a bit from your excitement. “Hmmm, don’t want to get the floor wet babe …” With that, I stand and lower myself gently onto your rock hard cock.  I am dripping wet from excitement.  Your cock, can feel my warmth … my juices … the tight, velvety soft confines of my cunt as it passes inch by inch inside me. My breath is heavy now as you begin to pump into my pussy. “Mmmm babe … let me do the work … you’ve had a … hard … day” I say with a smile.
My hands then find the rim of the tub behind your head where I rest them. Lifting myself up and down, on and off your cock, my ample breasts swinging in your face. You can feel me bearing down on you, clasping your cock with my strong and tight pussy. Clearly no one cares about a wet floor now … because of our rhythm, the bathroom floor is soaked. I begin to ride you faster as I sees you are close. Mercilessly, I surge downward and then pull upward … the friction almost too much for you to bear … the sound of my ass slapping against the little water left in the tub … your body tenses and you succumb to release … emptying out your prodigious load inside … letting out a deep but soft bellow. I release you and rest my body against your chest … letting you relax and bask in the post-orgasmic blissful fuzz.

Soon you begin to shiver a bit. I rise and grab another fluffy, warm towel and wrap you in it … drying you off. Dry now, I lead you slowly to the bedroom, where fresh sheets and a warm bed await us. We fall asleep cuddled up together, hearts beating in tandem … listening to the rain.

Apr 082011

by Lady Cheeky and Mr. Guerre

The note on the counter read, “Don’t forget, I have class tonight. Dinner is in the fridge.  Enjoy your evening and relax.” A red lipstick mark to sign her love brought a smile to my face.

It had been a stressful day, slaying the dragons of insanity. It’s hard to believe some people hold the positions granted them by corporate leadership. I opened the fridge, took out the sandwich and beer and took them to the den.

Turning on the television, flipping from her channel to mine. If this is “the best week of sports” what shall I watch?  Nothing. Well local news will do — watch the damage from last night’s storms.  I drop the remote beside my beer and retreat to the bedroom.

In the bedroom I remove my suit. Hanging the tie, belt, and suit in the closet for another day. Taking off my shoes, I buff them slightly. I guess I could shine them tonight.  Socks and boxers are tossed into the hamper as I nakedly stroll across the bedroom to the dresser. There I grab an old soft shirt and running shorts, covering my slight belly and body.

I return to the den, ready to eat and relax. Hoping I can remain awake to welcome you home.  The beer, the full belly, the weak television schedule and the exhausting day conspire against my intentions. I awake three hours later, your skirt brushing across my exposed legs, your body shifting the chair. My lover is home. I groggily come to my senses.

A sleepy smile crosses my lips. Your beautiful body hovers over me like a hawk over it’s freshly caught prey. I’m happy to be your catch of the day. My nose gathers your lovely scent as my eyes continue to adjust. Your perfume is joined by . . . I’m not sure what other aroma accents the expected olfactory joy of your presence.

Your hair frames your face perfectly; a red wavy do that serves as a sirens song to passing strangers. Your fiery locks are the first thing many notice as they pass you by and turn their heads. My eyes catch the happy yet mischievous smile across your face as they travel downward. Drawn by the magnetic vortex that is your ample cleavage and bosom. I arch my back and stretch slightly not wanting to abandon my place beneath your figure.

You seemingly have imbibed in my visage long enough. “Good evening babe,” you sexily whisper. “I’m sorry I woke you”. Your smirk begets a different sentiment.

My mind struggles with balancing the visual input of the canyon between your breasts and the auditory processing necessary to respond. Buying more time I stretch again, rising slightly off the chair. “I’m not sorry at all,” I finally stammer.  My trustworthy body already willingly responding despite a lack of cognitive processing.  “How was your class?”

“Better than most,” you reply.  “But I have quite a bit of homework to make sure I understand the theory and ideas and how they relate to practical implementation.”

Your body has lowered slightly. Your silk sundress wispily brushes across my bare legs. Your lips are inches away from my face. I anxiously anticipate your next move, upcoming words, or what might happen next.

… to be continued

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