Jun 112011


Whisper in my ear, as you mount me, sweetness I’ve never heard and will never forget.

Whisper the secret of your indelible love, all thoughts – promise they’re ever present.

Whisper of a constant and impermeable bond that defies logic and providence, yet persists and builds with each word exchanged.

Whisper softly, like the sound of crickets, growing more persistent with your swelling desire.

Whisper in my ear how much you want me … how much you want to cum inside me and how much I turn you on.

Whisper in my ear how much you love my body … how good my cunt feels, tight and hot around your cock.

Whisper in my ear, how you will make my ass quiver against your belly before you let me cum

Whisper a breathy growl while you plunge and plunder my taut crevice – slippery and slick

Whisper in my ear, encouraging me while I prepare to cum, my body rippling as it almost succumbs.

Moan in my ear while my pussy pulses in concert with your explosion.

Moan as our release relaxes … melding into each other, heaving in our mingled sweat – one slick body forcing its weight into the mattress leaving our mark, cold and wet, after we leave.


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