A Gift of Pleasure

by Passion Addict

Miranda had let Jean in on her fantasy just weeks after they first met. She trusted him enough to even let him know that she also had younger lover who wasn’t available as often as she wished, so this was how she let him into her secret world.

He was comfortable sharing her and had no demands on her except to confide in her that he had slowly fallen in love. He was that type of man, a sensual and dirty romantic, driven by a lust for passion that had been eluding him until he met her. She was open and honest with him. And she even recognized he had an affect on her that let her to behave sexually free of any restraints. She only confided her most hidden thoughts and desires with him, thus drawing him in ever so deeper.

Her dream fantasy of having two men fill her ass and pussy at the same time would soon become shared knowledge with her younger lover Aaron who was more possessive.  But he had slowly become willing to do anything for her. She loved them both but could never be with either one because of the tangled web of all three’s personal lives.

Her wish was to share both men on her birthday and after months of planning the three would rendezvous  for a day that would last the rest of their lives.

The bar of the hotel they picked was lined with walls of beautiful rich redwood. Dimly lit and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the streets of San Francisco. A popular destination for twenty somethings on a Friday or Saturday night. But on this weekday they had the chic bar to themselves and shared some premium tequila to unwind and relax before heading up to their room. For the first time the two men saw her drink more than one shot which made her silly and even a bit guffy. She giggled at herself easily and enjoyed the verbal foreplay making both men smile and laugh and offering them both time to feel comfortable with each other and bonded by the common love they shared for her.

Under the counter she rested each hand between both lovers thighs stroking their hardness and teasingly licking her lips and laughing as if cleaning up the cum she knew would be eventually dripping down her chin.
Both men in return had a hand under her skirt. As she spread her legs,  both of them kissed her ears while slowly running their fingers up her thighs  towards her moist panty soaked cunt.

”I’ve dreamt about this for so long, this doesn’t seem real. . I adore both of you so much and appreciate the way you have each loved me in return. Each of you has given me incredible pleasure and the kind of affection that I’ve only dreamt about. It means everything to me that you’d both do this for me with no reserve or judgement.
Miranda smiled with that devilish grin of hers and said , ”Your cocks both feel larger than normal today. Are you both ready to fuck and DP me.?”

Aaron answered, ” Any way you want and for as long as you need” and then kissed her on the lips.

”Longer and harder than you can imagine, and I mean that in the most loving way” Jean whispered close to her ear and then French kissed the back of her neck.

With both legs now wide open and her juices beginning to glisten on the outside of her pussy, each lover began taking turns fingering her while the other circled his fingers around her clit.
Occasionally only stopping to lick their fingers before taking a sip of their drinks.

”If the two of you don’t stop that soon you’ll have me cuming and screaming right here. Take me upstairs…”

Jean whispered again, “Good idea as this is not the kind of place for you to be on your knees, blowing both of us from under the table.”

Their room was lavish, modern , with floor to ceiling mirrors behind the head of the bed and on the opposite wall bordered by shear platinum drapes.  She put on her favorite music from her phone as she plugged it in and then cranked up the stereo.
Her two lovers talked about what they’d be comfortable with while admiring her.
As she fiddled with the stereo leaning over the table with her ass pointing at them the two smiled and Jean said,  ”Check her out. Have you ever pounded her ass?”

”No, I haven’t but she’s been teasing me to do so. Have you?”

”Me neither but I’ve slapped her ass with my balls plenty of times.  And I also brought some lube with me cause I know she’s going to want both of us in there at some point.”

”Jean, I’m not sticking my cock in the same hole with you in there.”

”I didn’t mean at the same time, but that is kind of an interesting idea.”

”Hey some ball slapping is cool with me but no crossing swords. Okay?”

”Yeah…  Cool enough!”

Both of them walked up behind her as she had began to grind her ass to the music, her eyes closed and her head down while swaying her hair from side to side. They slowly began to undress her leaving only her bra and panties on and then guided her to the bed where she laid on her back. As she closed her eyes she said, “Both of you take off your clothes.”

As they undressed she peaked at them yearning to see both of them nude. Both were aroused and their erections looked gorgeous to her. Her desire for a MMF threeway had been there for years and now she had two beautiful men who she loved for different reasons in the same room together to make love with her.

Jean was the best lover she had ever had and she commented many times she would have married him if they were the same age. Aaron was her age and extremely handsome. She would give up everything if he would only leave his wife. But both pleased her so differently that together she knew this would be everything she could ever want out of a man… Or in this case… two.

As Aaron kneeled between her legs Jean knelt down behind her head and both lowered their lips to her waiting body. She opened her mouth to accept the kiss of one while the other began to kiss her neck.

Miranda thought to herself she could possibly cum from just their kisses alone while they whispered  how much they loved her. As tongues and lips explored,  hands and fingers glided over her chest and and under her bra. Each man had a hand on her breast and the other caressing each side of her face. It was too much for her to try and resist as her hands soon found their straining cocks.

“No jerking us off yet”, Jean said as he pulled away from her lips and knelt beside Aaron.  ”You can suck us or fuck us but the hand jerk will have to wait until we both cum on you together”

Both men pulled off the remainder of her clothes and Jean laid on his back with his feet towards the headboard and said,  ”Come over here beautiful and sixty nine me cause we both want to lick you at the same time.”

”I don’t know if I can handle sucking that monster cock of yours as you both eat me out.”

” Don’t worry… This is all about you. All you have to do is let go and enjoy cuming more today that you  ever have before.”

Soon she was on all fours, a thick nine inch cock in her hand and mouth and two sets of lips and tongues licking her pussy and clit.  One tongue darting back and forth deep inside her while the other sucked her clit into his mouth,flicking his tongue against it as it began to swell. With two hands on her breasts and squeezing her nipples and two hands sinking his fingers into her buttocks she began to shake her ass to the music. Rolling it around in rhythm to her two lover’s tongues. Aaron had slipped a finger in her ass while pulling his tongue out of her drenched pussy and then went three fingers deep into her cunt as Jean’s lips pulled her clit deeper into his mouth. She soon forgot about the cock she was sucking on and was overcome by her first orgasm.  It came in waves causing her whole body to shake and release a flood of juice onto her lover’s face below.

”Fuck Yeah!”, she yelled and then catching her breath as she looked over her shoulders and glowed with a burning look of lust.

”Go ahead and stick it in her pussy while I lick her clit”, Jean said as she refocused her attention on the cock she had become addicted to.
Jean looked up thinking to himself that balls slapping his forehead was going someplace he thought he’d never be comfortable with. But soon the sight of her her younger lover’s cock sinking into her pussy and balls flying back and forth occasionally striking him was gone. His attention was entirely on her. He knew she needed time to recover after an orgasm so he was gentle with her shiny and swollen clit. He teased it, barely touching it at first, only occasionally letting his lips or tongue graze against it as he slipped his hand toward her asshole.  He slowly pushed in his index finger up to it’s second knuckle and thought about the pictures she had sent him of her on all fours with a vibrator in her pussy and a glass dildo buried deep in her ass.
As his finger pumped her ass deeper and faster her other lover was fucking her now balls deep furiously like an animal in heat. Her arousal became very clear to both of them. Not only was her skin becoming flush and her clit swelling  but her pussy juice was dripping down her thighs and coating his face in her cum.  He licked it eagerly as if it was a precious commodity.  It was enough to send him to the edge. She was sucking him so perfectly, milking his shaft with one hand and squeezing his balls with her other. As he felt his cock stiffen and the cum rise from his balls he pulled her clit hard into his mouth almost as if to bite it instead of sucking it. Soon all three were cuming and moaning in excitement. The two men first, almost cuming on cue. And moments later as she purposely watched Jean’s cum drip from her mouth and onto his pulsating cock and feeling the pressure of Aaron’s load squirting deep within her, she was struck by an even more powerful rush of lust and desire letting herself scream out loud, “Holy Fuck!” The orgasm caused her body to shutter and she pushed her pussy hard against her lover’s face and Aaron’s cock as he remained buried deep in her still pumping the last drops of his cum to the beat of the music that had engulfed their pace of fucking.

”Do you mind if you don’t pull out until I get out of the way? I’m not quite ready to take your load on my face.”

Jean maneuvered his body 180 degrees from under her so he could now look into her eyes. She was still laughing because she thought how many times he had eaten her pussy after cuming in her. He had a way of making her laugh.
She was so beautiful and the look of pure happiness and joy was evident in the smile he had first fallen in love with. As they locked their lips together Aaron got up and went over to the chest of drawers to get the bottle of lube.

”Can I lube you up up”, he said while running a finger from her pussy that was now dripping his cum up to her ass.
”Yes, I’m ready. I want to feel a cock in there.”

Soon she felt a finger applying lube to the opening of her ass while she kissed Jean. The thought of having her two lover’s fucking her made it easy to relax and prepare for an anal and pussy pounding she would become addicted to. She knew if the two men were comfortable with this experience it could become a routine much like the the workouts she did everyday for her fitness.

Within minutes of their last orgasm each lover’s cock was again as hard if not harder than before.

For her older lover this fantasy was something he had always been comfortable with and he often jerked off to this scenario now involving him.
He kissed her as if only the two of them were alone. His mind flooding with thoughts of the woman he longed for more than any other. While in this dream state he felt her hand on his cock pulling it’s head against the opening of her waiting pussy. She teased her clit by rubbing the head of his cock up and down her cum soaked slit. His cock at its fullest was soon pushing and demanding for her to stick it in. And at the same time her younger lover’s cock, glistening in lube and harder than she had ever felt was pressing against her ass.

”Do it slowly.  I want to feel every hard inch of your cocks slide into me at the same time.”

With that, both of her lovers pushed their members into her slowly, almost synchronized as if they had done this many times before. Within a minute both were fully deep inside her with their balls now squeezed against all three of their bodies.
Aaron leaned over her back and began to kiss the back of her ears while she moaned and slowly started that rhythmic motion of grinding her ass to the crawling beat of the trance tune that was playing on the stereo. About twice as slow as the second hand beat of a clock but seductively building up an excitement she had never felt before.  She didn’t want this moment to ever change. An orgasm was so close it would soon overcome her before the music track ended. In this sensual moment of their three hearts beating together and the words of love being shared by all three, she had a flash pop in her mind.

She had seen many images of DP’s before. The typical pornos with ugly actors and the required ending facial. But she could have never imagined feeling so loved and treated with such affection while her body was being fed two beautiful cocks attached to the two incredibly handsome and sexy men she loved.
Her orgasm was even more intense than she could handle. It was the first time in her life she felt helpless and out of control. She let out a cry of pleasure and moaned and then screamed as her body shuttered and her vagina and ass pulsed and contracted for what seemed like an eternity.

Her orgasm was so intense that each lover was soon behind her cuming deeply into her as their balls lifted and hardened against each others . The rush of their warm fluid filling her made her even hornier than before. She had wanted to see them both spurt their pearl essence on her but she knew that would come later after they all collapsed and recovered in each other’s arms.

As all three spooned, she was laying on her side, still holding their cocks deep in the warmth of her body.

”I love you. You are both so unbelievable and so good to me. “

All three collapsed for the next hour while kissing and stoking each other. Being held so tightly by both lovers at the same time brought tears to her eyes as she laid there enjoying the feelings that were more intense than she had ever felt before.

But soon after their rest they all joined in the shower to cleanup and start again under the hot water. This time they switched positions and held her in their arms and began to fuck her while standing up and supporting her weight between the two of them.
Both cocks now experienced her ass for the first time as well as another man’s cock massaging theirs from inside her. Their rhythm would trade off from both hitting her deep at the same time, balls slapping together to one cock penetrating while the other receded. It would be a shower none of them would ever forget and one in which she would for the first time, be on her knees in front of two cocks as they sprayed their loads of cum on her in the mist of the hot water and the steam filled room.
Time stood still that day for all three of them and brought them closer to each other than ever before. It would be the first of many days the three would share together and one that forever changed their lives and their understanding about the word “love”.

You can see more of Passion Addicts erotica on: http://glowafter.tumblr.com/


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