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An Erotic Missive, Inspired by …...


By Lady Cheeky                                                                                   (Originally published 6/10) Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy […]

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolutio...

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution

by Erica Jong  (Originally published by The Daily Beast on Mar 27, 2012 4:45 AM EDT ) Why has feminism become a dirty word? Erica Jong defends the feminist and sexual revolution against criticism from the next generation of women who just don’t get it. When the movie The Way We Were (directed by Sidney Pollack and starring […]

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-Hou...

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House

Nice Pair Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House You and Christina Hendricks have a lot in common. Okay, just one thing: you’ve got… photos of a sensitive nature out there. You don’t know how they got there, but they did. Anyway, that reminds us: you should probably look into something a little more private. Say hello to […]

A Woman's Right To Great Sex by...

A Woman's Right To Great Sex  by Lady Cheeky

A Woman's Right To Great Sex.


EXCLUSIVE HOT EXCERPT! The Cowboy Singer by Paula Tiberius

The kiss escalated quickly and he found himself exploring the inside of that robe. She was wearing this silky, frilly purple piece of heaven. How hadn’t he noticed it poking out from the plush terry cloth? He ran his hands over her thighs and felt her body tense and heard her breathing grow rapid against […]

For You On A Blue Day


*the sun will rise tomorrow as usual, but it will glow more brightly because you love me. when I feel its warmth – it is your breath, not the sun, that surrounds envelopes my shoulders. the tan it leaves is you’re claiming of me. when this sun sets and the moon takes it’s place … […]

This Guy Paints Vaginas All Day Long!

This Guy Paints Vaginas All Day Long!


NEEDED: Feedback For A New Article

NEEDED: Feedback For A New Article

I’m writing an article about women, sex and body image. My opinion is that there are men out there with a variety of different tastes in the physical appearance of their dates/girlfriends/wives/sex partners. Men: What do you like physically in a woman that might surprise me or that might not fit the image of what women […]

The Longest Wait


By Lady Cheeky          (Originally written 8/10/10) Sitting in the lobby of the trendy and overly decorated hotel waiting for him.  It had been two months since I had any contact with him … almost three months since we made love. But things just changed. They had taken a turn in my […]

Why Do We Live in a World Thats Petri...

Why Do We Live in a World Thats Petrified of Women Who Love Sex? From: AlterNet

Our culture is deeply invested in our women-don’t-like-sex lie. We have to throw out basically all of the data to make that theory fit, so we blithely do just that. March 1, 2012  |(re-posted from   I recently came across an interesting post about a very interesting study concerning high-libido women. It was striking for me how much it […]


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