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In The Library


By ALYSSA HALFORD Despite the cold I am wearing a microscopic skirt this evening. Thigh-high, black suede, stiletto-heeled boots to keep me warm under my long black coat. The coat comes in handy for more than just warmth. My top is raven-black and scoop-necked. My long red hair glows against the black. Black bra and […]

At The Office

At The Office

By Alyssa Halford You wanted him for months now. You see how his dark eyes follow you and you grow wet knowing how you turn him on. You watch him too, whenever you can; appreciating his broad shoulders and lean, muscled build you know is hidden by his finely tailored suit. You wonder how big his […]

Lady Cheeky Made GET LUSTY's 10 ...

Lady Cheeky Made GET LUSTY's 10 Must See Sex Blogs!!

This week we faced a challenge: to put together a list of 10 amazing sex blogs! It was hard, there are so many great sex blogs out there, but we have finally narrowed it down. Containing everything from tasteful erotic photos to sexual health advice these blogs have it all! Lady Cheeky is a beautiful and […]

A Users Guide: How To Show Up To F*ck...


By Nicole Daedone Originally posted on her site on August 8, 2012 This is what I have come to understand.  There is absolutely zero context for men to know how to fuck a Turned On Woman—meaning a woman who is free, who is capable of what I call Unconditional Sex; sex that is not […]

Lady Cheeky on The Dot Spot!

Lady Cheeky on The Dot Spot!

“i love twitter for many glorious reasons and one of them is connecting with clever sex bloggers from over the seas. the latest find for me has been Lady Cheeky. she posts naughty pics in abundance at (tweeting them in endless streams of yum on @lady_cheeky) and writes in abundance at i like Lady Cheeky and so […]

Rebecca Jane Weinstein: Fat Sex: How ...

Rebecca Jane Weinstein: Fat Sex: How One Woman Let Herself Find Pleasure

Rebecca Jane Weinstein: Fat Sex: How One Woman Let Herself Find Pleasure. Everybody’s doing it. It’s one of those things that is so pervasive, it’s nearly a given. And yet very few admit to it. Like the act itself, there is a dichotomy in action and attitude that is difficult to fully comprehend. Unless, of […]


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Elle Talks w/ Tristan Taormino About Big, Beautiful Sex

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