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by The Sex Health Line

Women like to be touched on special places (not the ones, that you think). Our idea is to tell you which exactly are those areas.

After long research amongst psychologists has become clear, that women have secret areas, where they love to be touched. If you find them, this means green light for all men. The results of this exciting research are published in the American magazine Men’s Fitness. The steps, which we offer are not presented in any specific order, we’re just pointing them out:

First Step! You Must:
Slide your tongue from her bellybutton to THAT place (you know!). During all that time, touch and massage her thighs, especially on their inner side.


The zone between the love handles and the belly, with an intelligent stimulation directs the blood flow to the area, that promises that you’ll have a good time.

Second Step! You Must:

Stroke her back. Her back is very sensitive. If you touch her slowly and tenderly on her back, while having sex, she’ll feel very aroused.

If you slide your hands gently from her back to her butt – know that you’ve hit the bullseye.

Third Step! You Must:

Never let the sheets to be dirty. That’s valid for YOU too! Use a deodorant!


The smell receptors in her nose, and her center of pleasure in the brain are connected in a direct interaction. So don’t hope that your woman will like the smell of a real man, who smells like he has just finished running a marathon.

Fourth Step! You Must:

Listen! Your mind is the most important sex organ in the human body. Make sure there is romantic music. First, find out what the woman enjoys. Not all enjoy classical music, so do some research.


Studies show, that music can activate the same brain structures, that are active during sex.

Fifth Step! You Must:

Kiss her on the back side of her knees.


Every inch of the skin contains more than 2,500 receptors. So you can’t afford to ignore any inch. Keep in mind, that skin, that’s not in direct contact with the sun is very sensitive.

Sixth Step! You Must:

Gently massage her feet. After that massage each toe separately, paying a lot of attention to the middle finger, which has direct connection with the female sexual organs.


The lower part of the feet contains receptors, which influence the blood pressure, and the production of pleasure hormones.

Originally posted on The Sex Health Line

I concur with ALL of these tips BTW! xo LC

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  1. LC,

    I have to tell you, my cousin put me onto your site earlier this year and I must say, It has NEVER disappointed. You give your readers visual smut and drop nuggets of sexual knowledge giving us the power to OWN our sexuality.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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