EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: "The Massage" by Lady Cheeky from The Big Book of Orgasm Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel


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I found him on Craigslist. It was difficult not to think about the week of Nancy Grace shows I would undoubtedly be featured on should this man be a sociopathic, sexual sadist. The Craigslist ad had seemed very perfunctory and the ensuing email exchange quite professional. Yet for this “Type-A” personality, The website seemed the only option to find a “special massage”. I quelled my paranoia with the reassurance that most sociopathis, sexual sadist would not couch their special services with phrases like “yoni worship” and “sensual release”, but I knew I was just rationalizing.

The masseur was very respectful, which for me is huge. I find it unseemly to be crass when you hardly know a person even if you both know what you’re there for. He explained he was a professional LMT and had been doing this for more than 15 years which put me at ease.

As, I began to take off my robe, he stopped me. He had me stand in front of him as he took my glasses off and put them on the coffee table. He then took my hair down from my ponytail, untied my robe and slipped it off my shoulders. He then helped me onto the table, he put a sheet over me, sat behind my head and began to give me a great firm back and head massage … slowly moving down my body, just like a regular massage … but OH! He’s massaging my arse! Oh! He’s getting in the crack and is so close to my now VERY wet pussy. I loved the tease, the drawn-out taunting of what’s to come.  He massaged my body, yes … but after a while he made his way to my thighs, then while working them he would brush his fingers past my slit. Just the graze made my body twitch. He would do this off and on and each time get a little deeper in to the folds of my pussy … sometimes even tapping his finger on the edge of the mound just above my clit.  This was making my body even more curious and expectant and therefore all my attention was on my pussy. The sensuality of this complete stranger massaging my body COMPLETELY was like going skinny-dipping for the first time … freeing.

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