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Outer Focus Photo/Brigette Sullivan

Ken Melvoin Berg … (swoon) … Ken Melvoin Berg …

“say it loud and there’s music play-ing,
                            … say it soft, and it’s almost like pray-ing”

I don’t break out the West Side Story for just anyone so you can probably guess I have a big, ol’ stupid, sloppy, dippy, awkward, sapiosexual, carnal college crush on Ken Melvoin-Berg. The kind of crush that makes even the most vivacious of personalities, clam -up, giggle and blush when he’s around. I thought I should come clean, right up front, before I go on and on about him, and before you finish his favorite things (you’ll see why). This way we’re all on the same page, and you can experience his list like I did, for the first time (giggle/blush) except I doubt you will giggle and blush at the end.

Ken Melvoin-Berg is one of the most interesting people you’ll come across. He is a sex-educator, entrepreneur, author, business owner, lecturer, consultant, co-host, psychic, psychic detective and proud Chicagoen. Yep, all those things.  I met Ken Melvoin-Berg at the same time I met his fiancee/partner, the incomparable sex educator, Sunny Megatron last year, right before they gave a G-spot and Female Ejaculation class at a the famous BDSM/Fetish shop, The Stockroom in Los Angeles. I’ve been smitten with both of them ever since.

Drinks after class with Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron

Drinks after class with Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron

Known in the sex education world as a consummate professional with expertise in all things kinky and sexy. Ken has a natural showmanship that feels part professorial and part carnival barker … and I mean that as a compliment. He is a sapiosexual’s dream, waxing philosophic on some erudite topic one minute and talking about Wartenberg Wheels whilst he twists his handle-bar mustache the next. This fully tatted, clown sex lovin’, PT Barnum of Sex Education and it doesn’t stop there. Ken co-hosts a web series on (what else) sex with Sunny called “Outside the Box with Sunny Megatron” on Inside Adult, he owns the lauded Weird Chicago Tours, where visitors and residents alike can enjoy excursion ranging from Chicago Ganster Tours to a Red Light District Tour. Ken has also co-written a book on Weird Chicago paranormals that you must check out. Yup, a renaissance man of the fringe. If you ever get a chance to check out Ken and Sunny’s sex ed classes, you should because they are as entertaining as they are informative … and they are VERY informative.


So here we go … 5 sex toys and a lube from the salacious and sexy, Ken Melvoin-Berg:



1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre: This is the best #1 go-to toy for men. The only problems with it are that people think it’s a space age vacuum cleaner and has a steep learning curve in understanding its uses. It seems short, but like my favorite game, just the tip is all you need. Turn on your favorite porn and the dual motors and rock out with your cock out.You can give yourself a handy or just grind itno it to get off. It is like a concave hitachi for people with cocks.


l_lr-10452. Tenga Fliphole Black If you ever wondered what Cthulhu’s vagina looks like, take off the outer case and open up. When it’s put back together apply your favorite lube, stick cock in hole, press the three buttons to massage your willy, repeat and blast your baby batter into the fliphole.




3. nJoy Pure Wand #1 Greg from nJoy invented this because he is a brilliant engineer and a perverted man, just like me. It’s the best multi-purpose toy on the market, You can get someone’s g-spot off and make her squirt, get your own p-spot massaged, and use it in hand-to-hand combat as a bludgeoning weapon.


SE-1375-20-34. Cal Exotics Silicone Jack Rabbit Ring: This toy is a slice of heaven, wrapped in bacon and dipped in chocolate. It has two motors that are strong enough to get you hard in seconds. Rest your flaccid man-meat on the ears like an armrest for wiener. In a few seconds, BOING! Boner city baby. Then use it during vaginal/anal penetration and the ears can actually stimulate both of you at once. Two birds, one stone. It’s the best cock ring on the market and a must have for all people with cocks.



ECKINKLY5. Lady Cheeky This scarlet haired temptress from the land of fuck is not really a toy, unless she wills it so. She can give the most amazing swirly things on your cock with her mouth, play your balls like a percussionist for a Mozart symphony, fuck you until your drained of all fluids, or at least that what it’s like in my head.



… and a lube

mmuNp0G4_esI24PrS8agJvAWicked Ultra Chill Silicone Lube: For dudes, lube is a toy. Wicked silicone lube is the best lube ever!! Silicone lube is mana from heaven. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, pH balanced as to not hurt your cock, lady parts or ass. The temperature additive is unlike any other, it won’t freeze your junk off like a polar vortex. Instead it’s like a cool breeze that whispers ,”Cum for me man-beast!” to your cock.

You can get more Ken Melvoin-Berg at:

Web: Weird Chicago Tours
Twitter: @Psychicken
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Psychicken

and here’s his latest piece on Sunny’s website about Service Topping from the Bottom

… and check out Ken and Sunny talk about clown sex on the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast,
Click on the pic!




For more on his sex ed classes with Sunny Megatron,
Click on the Pic!


The above photo of Sunny and Ken and the top photo of Ken by Outer Focus Photo/Brigette Sullivan




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