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May 102014

You’ve heard of Rose Caraway. Rose is the creator and host of two popular erotica centered podcasts; “Kiss Me Quick’s” Eroticast: Sex Stories by Rose Caraway and her sister podcast, The Sexy Librarian Erotica Blog-Cast with Rose Caraway.  She is also the author of many erotic short stories, an erotica anthology editor of her own The Sexy Librarian’ Big Book of Erotica and the narrator of countless audio book versions of popular erotica titles such as; Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, and  Sweet Danger: Erotic Stories of Forbidden Desire for Couples.  Not coincidentally, when the audio book version of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s The Big Book of Orgasm: 69 Sexy Stories was looking for a narrator, someone had the smart idea of grabbing Rose Caraway.

Currently, the audiobook of The Big Book of Orgasms is now the #1 BEST SELLING EROTICA AUDIO BOOK IN AMERICA! This is most certainly due, in part, to Rose Caraway’s dulcet and seductive voice reading each one of the stories.

In the latest episode of her popular Kiss Me Quick podcast, she happened to play my story from the book, called “The Massage.” I was truly honored that she chose my story as one of the ones from the book that she played on her show. If you haven’t checked out either one of her sexy podcasts, I invite you take a listen. Why not start with this week’s and work your way back?

You’ll also want to have a listen to her incisive interview of Rachel Kramer Bussel on the most recent The Sexy Librarian Podcast. No one can interview a writer quite like another writer, and the natural sympatico between the two authoress’ reveal some wonderful opinions and sage advice about the genre of erotica and for those who write it. All the pertinent links are below. ENJOY!

Check out Rose’s podcast’s for some sultry stories and more

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To purchase the version of The Big Book of Orgasms: 60 Sexy Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Narrated by Rose Caraway, click below:


What happens when you bring together 69 authors sharing their hottest orgasm stories? If you have top notch erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, you get The Big Book of Orgasms! This climactic collection captures top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms explore all sorts of ways they can come. Go “Under the Table” with Elizabeth Coldwell and cheer for “The Pink Team” by Kelly Rand. Discover the thrill of hot wax and even hotter sex; these short stories bring the heat on every page! With a foreword by Ecstasy is Necessary author Barbara Carrellas, these are climaxes you’ll want to relive again and again.

Dr. Ruth once said about Rachel Kramer Bussel, “she is only satisfied if you come and come again.” With this rousing read, The Big Book of Orgasms counts all the wonderful ways women get off. Inspirational as well as aspirational, this book celebrates women’s sexuality by reaching new heaudible-logo-300x300ights of excellence. Each of the 69 stories about “the big O” is a peak experience in and of itself.©2013 Cleis Press (P)2014 Cleis Pres


May 082014

I got to cross this off of my 2014 wish list!  I love me some Sex Nerd Sandra, (really, who doesn’t?) So when Sex Nerd Sandra called me, and asked if I could come in that afternoon to record a podcast, I had to squelch a nerdy, audible ‘chirp’ of delight.

We recorded 2 shows; one on ‘Big Beautiful Sex’ and another that came from a conversation Sandra and I were having about me taking a break from dating. The other half of this current episode of the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast is her conversation with brilliant, sex-positive therapist, Kate Loree, LMFT who shares her insightful opinions on dating and making good choices. I learned a lot from listening to Kate, and I know you will too. So, even if you’re sick of me, check out Sandra and Kate’s half of the podcast you’ll be glad you did I promise. :)

Please to enjoy, HERE




For more on Sex Nerd Sandra:                                                For more on Kate Loree, LMFT:

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Mar 222014


  1. When going to a swinger’s retreat, make certain your partner isn’t packing a tiny, leather, Borat-style unikini to wear at the poolside fashion show.
  2. Being “in love” and being “in lust” are both very disparate and different things that deceptively, can seem like one and the same.
  3. Sex is messy. You’ll need a towel.
  4. When dating a married man, never cling to the statistic that 1% of men having an affair will leave their wives for their mistress. Because no matter what he says, for every King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne for the woman he loved, there are 25 Joey Buttafuccos and you’re dating number 24.
  5. Gentlemanly manners, a good upbringing and general social skills should never be underestimated.
  6. Tattoo this Maya Angelou quote on the inside of your eyelids. “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”
  7. Though it might seem obvious, always query a date about the circumstances in which he lives. If he resides in a storage facility with no indoor plumbing and a Porta-Potty he cleans himself, chances are you’ll be doing all the driving.
  8. Guys you meet on a fetish-dating site will never care if you haven’t dusted before they come over or the bed isn’t made. Don’t stress it. You’re mother will NOT be turning over in her grave (at least not because your house isn’t spotless).
  9. Cigarettes, role-playing your True Blood fantasy character on Twitter and bucketloads of Xanax are not a new lifestyle regime, they are a red flag.
  10. Contrary to what they may have you believe, the man with a 12-inch dick is not going to be the best sex you ever had. Two words: bruised cervix.
  11. Approximately, one out of every five men you sleep with will be as good in bed as they think, or say they are.
  12. It’s less important to a man what your body looks like than how you feel about it and what you do with it.
  13. This may seem obvious, but never divulge the web address of the erotica and porn blogs you run on the first couple of dates. It sets up unrealistic expectations.
  14. Only wax your vulva if it makes YOU feel better. If your lover suggests he’d like to see you with smooth genitalia, tell him you’d like him to go first.
  15. Going to bed alone at night isn’t nearly as lonely as going to bed next to someone you’ve grown apart from.
  16. When online dating, no matter how hard you work at making your profile accurate, smart, witty and pithy you will always get responses from 23 year old, trade students who wear their baseball caps sideways and think common texting abbreviations are what constitute an irresistible opening email.
  17. Sexual chemistry and passion are inextricably linked, however it can take many different forms, come in many different packages and isn’t always instantaneous. If he doesn’t light your fire after 3 dates, he never will.
  18. Social media is great place to learn how to flirt with abandon.
  19. It takes at least a week to properly seduce a woman.
  20. Never reschedule time with friends for a date. Your friends are your gold. The date can wait.


*Excerpt from my erotic memoir “A View From a Broad”

Mar 212014

Kissing_hiresViolet Blue is responsible for my healthy vulva.

It’s true. Years ago, when reading her fantastic site, I came across an article she wrote on what women taste like. In it, she described how regular soap changes the pH in the vulva and can cause destruction of lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria your vulva needs to stay clean and healthy (vaginal pH = 3.8 – 4.5 vs. reg. soap pH = 7.0 – 14). I had been prone to infection and couldn’t figure out why (TMI?). Bingo! Changed my soap to all-natural and bacterial infections be gone! Violet, my vulva thanks you.

Violet Blue has accomplished a lot in her storied career; as a best-selling writer/journalist and educator, selling over 600,000 books for Cleis Press¹, being interviewed for; Oprah,  Newsweek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and more,  as well as being the “go to” sex and tech columnist (those two go hand in hand right?)  for giant tech sites like ZDNET, CNET and CBS News and for her own sex site Tiny Nibbles. She has won awards, her best-selling books have been translated into eight languages and has been named by Forbes Magazine as a “Web Celeb.”


Her latest book / sex guide, ‘Kissing: A Field Guide,” conquers the simplest, but most definitive ‘tell’ of a good lover … the kiss.

There is nothing like the expectation, anticipation and excitement of a first kiss. For some, it’s the best part of what could become a hot romance, a sweet flirtation or a steamy night of unadulterated sex. However, you might think “who needs a guide on kissing? I mean, come on … isn’t it instinct?” Uh, not necessarily.

How many of us have found ourselves locking lips with someone who is sucking the entire bottom hemisphere of our face into their mouth or whose kiss was so anemic, you wonder if they kissed you at all? I know I certainly have and at the time, if I had ‘Kissing: A Field Guide,’ Violet Blue’s outstanding new book on the art of the kiss, I might’ve rapped it on the head of my date, shoved it into his hands, and sent him packing until he learned a thing or two.

Violet Blue considers your mouth a sex organ, and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I could argue that only slightly behind the brain and the skin, the manifestation of a seductive kiss is an omniscient window into your partner’s ability to read your body language, for you to read your partner’s instinctive sensual starting point and for both of you to discover your combined sensual style.

As many of you know, I’m a huge proponent of getting back to the sensual side of sex, and what better primer for that than this field guide. Short, sweet and fun to read, you can finish it in a sitting, but the information will sit with you for a lifetime. Some of it you may already know, but I bet most of you (like me) haven’t thought about kissing in the way Violet Blue has. For instance, I never knew that kissing someone’s closed eyes was a “thing.” At least not so much as to warrant being mentioned in this comprehensive guide. How many types of kisses do you instinctively give, that you’ve never thought about before? You might be surprised to see it it mentioned and explored  further in this book. Including what you’d expect to see, like kinds of kisses, dos and don’t’s, techniques and of course, how to’s, you’ll also find; how to build tension, different types of make-out approaches, and even inspirational movie suggestions as homework.

This is a library basic for every sensualist or novice.  I loved this little gem of a book, which is relevant for teenagers all the way through centagenarians. I mean, who wouldn’t want to improve their kissing skills? With “Kissing: A Field Guide” you’ll go from good to great or from sexy to scintillating. You’ll never feel the need to practice on your hand again, and let’s face it – there are better things for your hand to do. ;)

Cleis Press and Violet Blue were generous enough to give Smut For Smarties an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT for ‘Kissing: A Field Guide.’ Please to enjoy …


Making the First Move

The first kiss is often a make-or-break deal, where both of you find out if all this excitement is really what it’s cracked up to be. If the object of your desire doesn’t make the first move, getting up the courage to initiate the kiss is important, but equally crucial is how you kiss him the very first time. Your technique is everything here, because it communicates much more about you than words and gives him a direct indication of the passion that’s got you all fired up. It’s debatable whether you should French-kiss (with your tongue) when you kiss someone the very first time. Certainly, at the moment of contact, your tongue should remain within your mouth—but how the kiss progresses past that point is a matter of assessing the direction and flow of the kiss. If you press lips and are overcome with passion and crazy desire, you’ll find your tongues dancing within moments, seemingly without any permission from your brain. When that happens, you just have to go with it. And if your first kiss turns out to be the kind where he passionately grabs you and you both uncontrollably start dancing the tongue tango, no one will blame you for not following any first-kiss “rules.” But unless you’re crawling all over each other like love weasels on a hot summer night, keep that tongue in check until you’ve kissed three or four times, or until you‘ve been open-mouth kissing for several minutes.

First Kiss Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do smile a lot, even while kissing.
  • Do keep eye contact.
  • Do make sure you have nice breath.
  • Do remember to come up for air.
  • Do start slow.
  • Do begin with small movements of the lips, head, body, and hands.
  • If you make the first move, do pull back after the first kiss to gauge his or her response.
  • Do keep your lips soft and the muscles relaxed—not hard or tight.
  • Do keep your tongue in your mouth (see above).
  • Do linger for a moment after the kiss. Especially for a smile.
  • Do pay attention to where your noses are going and avoid a collision.
  • Don’t approach the kiss with your mouth open.
  • Don’t worry if you collide! Laugh and move in again slow.
  • Don’t jam your tongue in his mouth.
  • Don’t slobber!
  • Don’t make yummy noises—yet.
  • Don’t make overly loud kissing or “smacking” noises.
  • Don’t let your hands wander.
  • Don’t start off with bites or suction.
  • Don’t rush—savor this moment, even if you’re nervous.
  • Don’t worry about what you look like.
  • Don’t attempt this kiss if you’re not feeling well.
  • Don’t finish the kiss abruptly, even if you don’t like it.
  • Don’t forget to breathe!



Violet_Blue_2007-06-02Violet Blue is the second most popular sex blogger in the U.S. Her blog, Tiny Nibbles (, gets 100,000 visitors a day. She has sold over 600,000 books and is Cleis Press’s number-one selling author. She currently lives in San Francisco, California

You can follow Violet Blue on …

Twitter: @VioletBlue  & @TinyNibbles   Facebook:   Web:

¹Thank you to Cleis Press for sending me ‘Kissing: A Field Guide’ by Violet Blue, in exchange for my honest review.

 Review by: Elle Chase

Mar 162014


I’ve been a huge fan of sex educator, award-winning adult film actress and director, jessica drake ever since we briefly met at CatalystCon East last year. jessica was there to speak about Slut Shaming in Sex Positive Communities and Measure B (Check out what jessica spoke about at this year’s CatalystCon) and I was there to speak about body image and sexuality. We met at a blanket fort party given by the “Tom Hanks of Sex Education” Reid Mihalko, (at least that’s what I call him) I not only found her to be a generous and delightful person, but also a well-versed and highly regarded sex educator. 

When I got home from CatalystCon, I immediately made sure I got the full compliment of “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” DVD’s. I can imagine, someone looking to watch some instructional DVD’s on sex might be intimidated by a sex education series that stars and is the brain-child of a porn star. But, as I watched them, I saw the opposite of intimidating. I was struck by how accessible, accurate and informative they were.  At the time, my only note on the series was that there were no “everyday” people represented, the kind of people you see on the street or at the market, nor any people of size. I was quickly told that  a Guide to Wicked Sex aimed at people of size was being talked about … “Yay jessica! I thought.”

Last month, jessica completed filming on that  “Guide to Wicked Sex” for the plus size set and I can’t wait to watch it. I’m hoping that this signals a shift in the way plus-size sexuality is viewed by the adult industry.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to talk to jessica about this newest “plus-size” edition this Tuesday, March 18th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm PST as I will be a guest on her  Playboy Radio’s “In Bed with jessica drake.” 

So please tune in to Playboy Radio this Tuesday, 3/18 to hear me and jessica drake wax philosophic about body image, the best sex toys and sex blogging.

xo Elle

In the meantime, get a taste of “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.” Check out the trailer for her DVD on female masturbation:


Mar 102014

(originally published on

By now, you’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard of the E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, let alone not read the trilogy. Fifty Shades is Twilight for the “Soccer Mom” set and just as poorly written, yet women can’t get enough of it … in fact, no one can. Sex clubs, sex shops and even New York’s Museum of Sex are having Fifty Shades themed events. Even cottage industries of vanilla-friendly BDSM seminars and ladies nights are popping up faster than you can say “Yes, Sir, may I have another?” Dateline, Primetime, Nightline – all the news shows have covered it, including the dependably milque-toast morning shows. Even Psychology Today and People Magazine, two publications that couldn’t be more different, have written articles about the E.L. James’ trilogy. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. But why? Why now and why are women reacting so strongly to it? Erotica isn’t new and neither is BDSM. Why is this particular book resonating with so many women? I have a few ideas:


My feeling has always been that under times of socio-economic stress and/or crisis people tend to move inward and reflect on what they really have in life that’s totally their own … what they can actually call theirs. There is nothing more “our own” than our bodies. Let’s face it, to paraphrase John Mayer, our bodies are a wonderland … a wonderland of feelings and hormones that can (at times) be used for our pleasure. What could feel more exciting and enticing than a semi-subversive roll-in-the-hay with your neighbor? Or, letting go of your Type-A personality and allowing someone else call the shots … in bed?  Maybe it’s scintillating enough for you to fantasize about sharing a surruptitous touch with a stranger on a train? It doesn’t matter what it is, in a recession, if we’re not doing it, we’re thinking about doing it because let’s face it … it’s fun, it’s free and it feels good. Fifty Shades of Grey arrived at such a time of economic upheaval. It’s no accident that it garnered it’s word of mouth as a free online publication. Women sought out distraction and pleasure in the face of joblessness, foreclosures, war and waning healthcare and made this book a must-read. Easy escapism into a world of passion, lust and romance … as J. Lo says “Love don’t cost a thing”! And that is precisely the appeal of a Rabelaisian fantasy like Fifty Shades of Grey.


For far too long in western culture, women’s sexuality has been at the very least marginalized and at the most extreme, vilified. In modern society, if you were a feminist you were taught that pornography is offensive and objectifies women. You might have been taught that men are dogs and only want one thing. You were possibly led to believe that sexual freedom for a woman only meant the right to say “no”.  Like any argument, there’s always some truth to it and circumstances as well as common sense are usually needed to dictate veracity. However, as a woman AND a feminist, I have benefited from the freedom of choice to say “yes” to my sexuality and “yes” to how I choose to express it. This book could be the gateway for some to do just that. Women are sensual and sexual beings who should feel as free to demonstrate them as men do. As feminists, we need to teach our young women this lesson so that they know that their sexuality is healthy and their right and that to express it verbally or physically is nothing to be ashamed of.  Fifty Shades of Grey has taken a bit of the taboo away for a certain segment of the female population. Women who normally didn’t discuss “such things” are now sharing the titillation and thrill they get from reading modern erotica. Because this book has been so popular the discussions have started and have even freed a great many women from the bad kind of ties that bind.


Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a book about BDSM. It’s not even a love story. At its core, this book is an allegory of one woman’s unanticipated journey of self-discovery. The heroine, smart yet un-experienced, follows her instincts about what might please her. She’s not an idiot, she recognizes how extreme and foreign her situation is and struggles with it. Yet, measured, she indulges her desires and discovers in the process what she does and does not like sexually. This kind of experimentation of our sensuality is essential to having a satisfying sex life, for how do we know what we like if we don’t even know what we don’t like?  We do the same thing with dating, trying new foods and choosing an exercise we enjoy (or at least don’t hate). Why should it be any different with sex? E.L. James has given us a sort of “gestalt” on sexual coming of age of a woman. Fifty Shades brings us along on Anastasia Steele’s journey of sexual self-discovery and we make it our own. If we don’t identify with it we want to. For some of us this pilgrimage can come late in life if we allow it to at all – but we must. We all deserve to experience passion, discover what leads us to it and recognize there are many different roads to take and ways to travel there. Fifty Shades illuminates just one of those paths and ignites in the reader a contemplation of one’s own passage through the hallowed halls of our sexuality.


Feb 282014

I’m beyond thrilled to be included in SheVibe’s tribute to CatalystCon … especially, amongst such incredible educators! Thanks SheVibe!


Feb 272014

 Anais Nin and Henry Miller on Death and Dreams:

008-anais-nin-henry-miller-theredlistI stumbled upon the above clip of Anais Nin and Henry Miller in conversation recently and couldn’t stop watching it.

Two famous lovers, colleagues, icons, writers, discuss death and dreams in sometimes simple and at other times esoteric way. To me, this is a sapiosexuals dream – at least for THIS sapiosexual.

Two intellectual sages just having a random conversation … on a random Sunday afternoon … being filmed by a random person.

I consciously seek to participate in anything that fosters this kind of random in my life.

Like great sex, it makes me feel alive.

The kind of alive that keeps your brain buzzing for hours and hours after the conversation has ended. I feel my most creative, inspired and energized after a hearty thought provoking tête-à-tête. In fact, my sensuality is at it’s zenith at these times. My senses are more acute and open to textures, atmosphere, sound, flavor at these times. In fact, I find my vulnerability more available to me and because of that, more forgiving and  beautiful.

All this zestful animation from a real, unfettered, uncompetitive, organic, intellectual exchange and welcoming of ideas, not only turns me on but enlivens me entirely and seasons every moment with it’s brain buzzing spirit. Other than sex this, is what makes me feel most alive …

Other than sex, what makes YOU feel the most alive?  I look forward to reading your responses in the comments below.  xox Elle

P.S. For more Anais Nin and Henry Miller on YouTube, click HERE



Feb 272014

One of the most undeniable virtues of a true Sacred Seductress is the way she loves her flesh. A Seductress loves every inch of her self: smooth skin, dimpled skin, parts that stick out, parts that just don’t. It is all as beautiful as a sunrise to her. Because of the conviction in her self-love, the judgments one usually makes about a female body seem to slip away when they are in her presence. She is that powerful.

When I say sacred seductress, you might be wondering what I mean.  Who I am talking about is you.  As a woman who teaches seduction, people always assume that I teach things like one-liners and mind games.  Hardly.  These things are not seductive.  They may have an instant effect of fascination or intrigue, but real seduction, true seduction, sacred seduction, comes from a much deeper place: a place of total, unapologetic authenticity. Seductive power and prowess is something we all possess. In my retreats it is never a matter of teaching a woman something new.  It is a matter of giving her permission to remember.seduction is banner

One of the greatest myths we are fed about seduction is that in order to be successful you must achieve a “perfect” esthetic and body. What a crock of shit. A Seductress does not wait around for the “perfect body” to arrive in order to feel and know her full sensual and erotic power.  She understands that sexy is something that lives inside of her, rather than outside.  She sources her beauty from her ability to feel and just be, not how someone told her she should look.  The things she is told she should be ashamed of she flaunts rather than hides.  She treats them like the diamonds that they are: rare, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect.

Body hatred is an epidemic amongst women. We live in a culture that teaches us to believe that she must meet an impossible list of qualifications in order to feel “beautiful.” The tricky thing about this list of benchmarks however, is that there is not a woman alive who could even come close to meeting them all. For every woman who wishes her hips were smaller, there is a woman who wishes her hips were more round. For every woman who wishes her breasts were fuller, there is a woman wishing she could wear t-shirts without feeling self-conscious. It reminds me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We are all striving so desperately to be perfect, sexy, beautiful, young; and yet it is this exact desperation to change what is already perfect that makes us all feel so downright ugly.

A Seductress transcends all of this by making the important distinction between true beauty, and learned beauty. Learned beauty is what we do when our sole purpose is to gain the approval of others based on what we have been told is beautiful. When we aim to achieve the beauty we have learned, we are dependent on external validation to convince us of our power and radiance. But a true Seductress knows with every fiber of her being that true beauty is eternal. It never leaves us. It does not change with our outfit or our hairstyle or our age. True beauty means that we need never pause in the mirror and ask ourselves “do I look beautiful right now?” True beauty needs never be questioned. It is a simple feminine truth.

This is a lesson that was not easily learned for me.  As a woman who spent half her life unable to wear short sleeves for fear of exposing even her arms, I have come a long way baby. Everyday I recommit to choosing to see past the bullshit that tells me that unless I walk around in a photo shop pod, I have reason to doubt myself.  I choose to honor, appreciate and revere the temple of my flesh.  I adore my body, and I wish the same for you.



By Kitty Cavalier

 I adore My Body.

 It is so scrumptious and delicious, I just want to gobble myself up. 

 I love my legs. They are like the most elegant champagne flutes. I imagine that if they were a food, they would taste like ladyfingers drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream.

I love my arms. I love the way they taper delicately at the wrist. I love their shape as I hold onto the subway rail. I love the way my muscles flex as I sway from side to side.

I love my breasts; they are like the ripest plum, hanging on a vine in Tuscany, warm from the sun.

I adore my hips. Their curves, the way I can grab the flesh on the bone. They give me a sense of home, like a crisp, brown Christmas turkey cooked with butter under the skin. Yum.

I love my Belly. I love the roundness of it. I love how authentically feminine it is. I love having it massaged in a warm bath with oil underwater.

I LOVE my shoulders, my clavicle, and my décolleté. My clavicle is like an Olympic ice skater. Graceful, elegant. A perfect ten. My décolleté; smooth like the frosting on top of a birthday cake. My shoulders, like marble pillars in the Sistine Chapel, holding everything together with strength, grace and beauty. 

I love my hair. Like warm amber honey. Smooth, lustrous, sensuous.

I love my face. My eyes, like looking down an endless beach. My lips, like perfect velvet pillows you just want to sink into. My skin, like the creamy froth on top of a cappuccino.

I love being a woman.
I love being me.
In the words of Doris Day, “I enjoy being a girl.”


IMG_1263-copyKitty Cavalier is known for bringing mischief to the masses in her signature workshops that teach seduction as a spiritual practice and a way of life. After a lifetime of renouncing the sensual, Kitty experienced an awakening about the true nature of seduction, and now spends her life writing, speaking and teaching about how to use seduction to create a more passionate, purposeful, satisfying life.  A sizzling starlet and gifted teacher, Kitty Cavalier is your go-to girl for celebrating the seductress within. 
You can reach Kitty here:
images-1twitter red check circle social media icon Facebook red check circle social media icon

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The Seduction Experience, a 3-day immersion into sacred seduction. 

Check her out. KITTY CAVALIER

Feb 252014
Come join me in Ventura, CA this month for another Big, Beautiful Sex class!

This time I’ll be at the luscious KAMA SUTRA CLOSET on Main Street!

Who says you have to be skinny to have the best sex of your life?

Whether it’s media and advertising images of “perfect” bodies or snarky comments about our weight, fat-shaming is all around us, and it can get in the way of our sexual confidence and pleasure. In this workshop, which combines lecture and discussion, body-positive educator Lady Cheeky talks about attitudes (both external and internal) that can hold us back from great sex and specific challenges we face as plus-sized lovers. You will learn skills – from communication tools to the best toys, techniques and positions – to help you embrace your sexuality and have big, beautiful sex.

Join us to:

* overcome fat-shaming

* be more compassionate and nicer to ourselves

* build sexual confidence feel confident and sexy

* find toys and positions that work best for your body

* learn about resources for ongoing support

Beverages and snacks provided by hosts

$10* (all proceeds go to the speaker)

*Attendees receive a $10 Kama Sutra Closet gift certificate at this workshop, good towards anything in the stores

*Attendees receive a free resource guide emailed to them after the class

*Attendees receive a free e-book of some big, beautiful erotica emailed to them after class

To reserve your space CLICK HERE!

Sunday, March 23, 2014 – 7:00pm
451 E. Main Street, #3, Ventura, CA 93001



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