Jun 292014

Catch Me on SEX OUT LOUD with TRISTAN TAORMINO Where we talk Big, Beautiful Sex, The LA Academy of Sex Education and more! CLICK HERE […]

Feb 102014
Smutty Smarty of Sex: Ken Melvoin-Berg, Sex Educator

Ken Melvoin Berg … (swoon) … Ken Melvoin Berg … “say it loud and there’s music play-ing,                   […]

Jan 202014
How Your Thoughts Look On Your Body (nsfw) by Elle Chase

Look at this woman’s body. Look at her in terms of the first picture being one of self-appreciation and confidence.   Then look at the […]

 January 20, 2014  1 Response »
Sep 302013
Smaller Package, Better Lover?

by Melissa White       (originally posted in Huffington Post Women on 09/26/2013 5:55 pm) Condom Expert, CEO & Founder of Lucky Bloke (Check out […]

Jan 292013
4 Deadly Dating Mistakes Men Make

By Nicole Forrestor   Originally published on The Huffington Post/Canada on 1/28/13 It’s Friday and my phone is ringing. It’s from a guy I’ve been […]

Jan 072013
A Users Guide: How To Show Up to F*ck a Turned On Woman by Nicole Daedone

I loved this when I first read it and recently went back to it again. So smart. -LC By Nicole Daedone  Originally published on her […]

Dec 072012
Jada Pinkett-Smith: “The War on Men Through the Degradation of Women”

From Intentblog 12/6/12 After speaking out against critics of her daughter Willow’s new haircut, the mega-articulate actress and activist Jada Pinkett-Smith earlier this week used her Facebook platform to bring awareness to […]

Nov 302012
Anal Sex: Science’s Last Taboo  By Debby Herbenick

A new — and almost entirely unreported — study about anal sex and pain shows how little we really know about it That anal sex […]

Nov 172012
Me Jane, You Tarzan: The Politics of Sexual Polarity

BY LORI LOTHIAN ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON WWW.THEGOODMENPROJECT.COM 11/17/12  Lori Ann Lothian wants to know if she’s wrong for wanting to be ‘ravished’. First time I was ravished, […]

Sep 282012
The Pleasure in Giving Pleasure  By Camille Crimson

If you’re here, then you must like smut and you must be smart.  That makes you my kind of person.  When Lady Cheeky and I […]

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