Apr 242014
Desert Showgirls: The Snickers Bar of Strip Clubs  by Antonia Crane (Author of "SPENT)

Originally Posted on www.AntoniaCrane.com  3/3/13 As usual, I drifted off to the True Crime channel at 3a.m. after stripping for 13 hours straight then L and I […]

Dec 092012
Vulnerability, the last taboo? By Cyndi Darnell

Originally published on www.CyndiDarnell.com on 5/30/12 In fragile times, it’s often our most intimate and close relationships that suffer. Intimacy is the glue, the enhancer that […]

Apr 182012
Lady Cheeky - LoversThatLast.com

Thank you to LoversThatLast.com for the fabulous write up! The feeling is mutual!  Check out their site at www.loversthatlast.com. Like this:Like Loading…

Mar 272012
Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House

Nice Pair Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House You and Christina Hendricks have a lot in common. Okay, just one thing: you’ve got… photos of a sensitive […]

Mar 032012
Why Do We Live in a World Thats Petrified of Women Who Love Sex? From: AlterNet

Our culture is deeply invested in our women-don’t-like-sex lie. We have to throw out basically all of the data to make that theory fit, so […]

Feb 132012

On Pleasure § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM. Like this:Like Loading…

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