Seduction at Any Size, by Kitty Cavalier (Exclusive)


One of the most undeniable virtues of a true Sacred Seductress is the way she loves her flesh. A Seductress loves every inch of her self: smooth skin, dimpled skin, parts that>


SEX IS BACK from The Pleasure Chest – Interviews 2013

sexisbackSEX IS BACK is a sex-positive storytelling campaign gathering video testimonials from people of all genders, orientations and walks of life. With this project, we want to demonstrate the sheer diversity of human sexuality. We hope you’ll be as inspired, aroused, moved and entertained as we have been. In March 2013 at CatalystCon East, The Pleasure Chest was set up in conference room with a digital camera, lights and a directive: to ask people about their sex lives for their SEX IS BACK project. I took part, as did a lot of way more fascinating, interesting people including some of the sex-positive community’s most illustrious icons like; Tristan Taormino, Maria Falzone, Jessica Drake, Buck Angel and Megan Andelloux. It’s affirming and inspiring in so many ways to hear how others, discovering their kinky sidelost their virginity,  had an embarrassing sex mishap, the best sex tips and accept who they are. Mine is below, but there’s even more sexy goodness on the SEX IS BACK site so check it out: SEX IS BACK

Listen to Lady Cheeky on Tristan Taormino's 'Sex Out Loud'

Listen to me on Tristan Taormino‘s SEX OUT LOUD RADIO  on VOICE AMERICA. Tristan talked to me about my recent workshop, Big Beautiful Sex at The Pleasure Chest Los Angeles, body positivity and>




  I happen to live in Los Angeles where being over a size 8 is a felony. This can be depressing when I am searching for a cute bathing suit>


Big, Beautiful Sex on The Pleasure Chest Blog!

We were delighted to have sex educator Lady Cheeky at our Los Angeles store last night, teaching her body positive workshop Big Beautiful Sex. She shared her insights about overcoming fat-shaming, building>