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Due to recent events in the news, I t...

Due to recent events in the news, I thought this was apropos to re-blog.

In case you haven’t heard: (CBS/AP) DETROIT – A Michigan lawmaker said support and campaign donations were rolling in Friday, a day after she was barred from speaking in the House because she used the word “vagina” during a debate on an anti-abortion bill. Rep. Lisa Brown, a Democrat from suburban Detroit, was silenced after […]

20 Hard-Knock Life Lessons from Orgas...

20 Hard-Knock Life Lessons from Orgasmic Meditation. ~ Candice Holdorf | elephant journal

20 Hard-Knock Life Lessons from Orgasmic Meditation. ~ Candice Holdorf | elephant journal.

Lady Cheeky Fans: It’s Time to ...

Lady Cheeky Fans: It’s Time to Vote!

“The DomiDollz:True Tales of Erotica Competition! We had several submissions, but we have only posted our top 10 favorites on this blog. It’s time for the readers to cast their vote! Send us an email to: or message us at our   FaceBook page and tell us who you think should win our little contest.” Please […]

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolutio...

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution

by Erica Jong  (Originally published by The Daily Beast on Mar 27, 2012 4:45 AM EDT ) Why has feminism become a dirty word? Erica Jong defends the feminist and sexual revolution against criticism from the next generation of women who just don’t get it. When the movie The Way We Were (directed by Sidney Pollack and starring […]

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-Hou...

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House

Nice Pair Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House You and Christina Hendricks have a lot in common. Okay, just one thing: you’ve got… photos of a sensitive nature out there. You don’t know how they got there, but they did. Anyway, that reminds us: you should probably look into something a little more private. Say hello to […]


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Elle Talks w/ Tristan Taormino About Big, Beautiful Sex

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