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Love, Lust and Letters from Partners ...

Love, Lust and Letters from Partners Past

Looking through my old emails, I came upon love letters sent between me and a long distance lover years ago.  This lover was the man who spurred the catalyst that has become my life now and the man who helped me say good-bye to a life lived in black and white and fully express my […]


EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: “The Massage” by Lady Cheeky from The Big Book of Orgasm Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I found him on Craigslist. It was difficult not to think about the week of Nancy Grace shows I would undoubtedly be featured on should this man be a sociopathic, sexual sadist. The Craigslist ad had seemed very perfunctory and the ensuing email exchange quite professional. Yet for this “Type-A” personality, The website seemed the […]

I’m in “The Big Book of O...

The Big Book of Orgasms by Rachel Kramer Bussel

  Hey Kids! I’m thrilled to report that my true erotic story, “The Massage” is in the latest, greatest (and RKB fave) erotic anthology from Rachel Kramer Bussel, THE BIG BOOK OF ORGASM. There are 69 (duh) fantastic short stories of 1500 words or less by some incredible erotica writers like; Emerald, Tess Danesi, Sinclair […]

Op Ed: The Joy of Sexing a Gentleman

Attractive young couple

By Lady Cheeky – Originally published on this site 9/27/2011 Dating in Los Angeles. I’m starting to realize it is the rare man who is actually a “gentleman.” Yes, I consider myself a feminist and a strong woman. But, I am also … a “lady.” I believe you can be both at the same time. […]

What I Love To Do To Mr. Guerre by L...

What I Love To Do To Mr. Guerre  by Lady Cheeky

(Originally published 5/10) Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy juice, I firmly hold your taut shaft My left hand plays with your gorgeous balls. Mmmmm it tastes good Martin. I love how your cock tastes. I’m stroking your shaft and massaging your balls between my fingers every now and then I dip my […]

Not Opposed or Entirely Different by ...

Not Opposed or Entirely Different by Lady Cheeky

Just because I am open does not mean I let everyone in Just because I let you in doesn’t mean I do it for everyone Just because you get a second chance doesn’t mean you’ll get a third Just because I have some hard edges doesn’t mean I’m not soft Just because I flirt with […]

It’s Been Awhile (a True Story)...


I was leaning against the modern wooden room divider in a black lace bra and panties set. The hard wood cutouts made the position uncomfortable, as did the plus size thigh-high digging into my skin. I felt the top of each thigh high and tried to adjust them so that the bubble of skin that […]

The Bullet, The Rabbit And The Moon


After the latest short tease of time we had today on IM I was turned on beyond measure. Hot from the words, the feelings, the sexual tension and arousal. My pussy throbbed – whining to be pleased. I escaped into the bedroom and stripped naked, leaving my jeans and panties on the floor – sopping […]

An Erotic Missive, Inspired by …...


By Lady Cheeky                                                                                   (Originally published 6/10) Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy […]

For You On A Blue Day


*the sun will rise tomorrow as usual, but it will glow more brightly because you love me. when I feel its warmth – it is your breath, not the sun, that surrounds envelopes my shoulders. the tan it leaves is you’re claiming of me. when this sun sets and the moon takes it’s place … […]



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