Jun 142014
Hanne Blank says, You have a fantastic body. Seriously!

Hanne Blank says, You have a fantastic body. Seriously! Hanne Blank Believes That Your Body is Already Your Best Body Ever BY ELLE CHASE – […]

Mar 222014
20 Things I Didn't Know About Love, Sex and Dating Until I Hit 40 ~ by Elle Chase

When going to a swinger’s retreat, make certain your partner isn’t packing a tiny, leather, Borat-style “unikini“ to wear at the poolside fashion show. Being […]

Feb 102014
Smutty Smarty of Sex: Ken Melvoin-Berg, Sex Educator

Ken Melvoin Berg … (swoon) … Ken Melvoin Berg … “say it loud and there’s music play-ing,                   […]

Nov 062013
Smutty Smarty of Sex: Jon Pressick of Sex In Words

I first met Toronto area sex journalist Jon Pressick on online (of course) when his Tweet made me blush. I don’t remember the circumstance, but I […]

Oct 162013
"We're All Perverts" - Christopher Ryan Explains on ReasonTV/YouTube

“We’re All Perverts”: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality with Christopher Ryan Published on Oct 14, 2013 by ReasonTV on YouTube “If you look at us […]

Sep 302013
Smaller Package, Better Lover?

by Melissa White       (originally posted in Huffington Post Women on 09/26/2013 5:55 pm) Condom Expert, CEO & Founder of Lucky Bloke (Check out […]

Sep 062013
Op Ed: The Joy of Sexing a Gentleman

By Lady Cheeky – Originally published on this site 9/27/2011 Dating in Los Angeles. I’m starting to realize it is the rare man who is […]

Aug 252013
Get Him Off With This Massage by Elle Chase

This article originally appeared on www.DatingAdvice.com  For anyone who’s heard about Tantra and has been daunted by the complexities of this eastern art of lovemaking, you […]

Jun 112013
Michael Douglas Was Right: What You Need To Know About HPV by Lady Cheeky

By Lady Cheeky In the past few weeks, the media has been rife with stories about actor Michael Douglas’ claim that his recent bout with throat […]

Jan 292013
4 Deadly Dating Mistakes Men Make

By Nicole Forrestor   Originally published on The Huffington Post/Canada on 1/28/13 It’s Friday and my phone is ringing. It’s from a guy I’ve been […]

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