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Aneros' Evi Garnering Praise: Se...

Aneros' Evi Garnering Praise: Sex Educators Loving Design, Performance

Originally appeared in AVN Business Sep 24th, 2012  LONG BEACH, Calif.—Evi, the revolutionary hands-free Kegel exerciser by health-conscious manufacturer Aneros, made its debut before an audience of sex experts, health advocates and discerning consumers at the CatalystCon conference in Long Beach, Calif., Sept. 14-16. Evi was presented to CatalystCon attendees by Ducky Dolittle, a renowned […]

Vulnerability, the last taboo? By Cyn...


Originally published on on 5/30/12 In fragile times, it’s often our most intimate and close relationships that suffer. Intimacy is the glue, the enhancer that gives us the drive to connect, and in many situations, also the factor that can be a passion killer for some and the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I […]

One of my favorite love scenes from l...

One of my favorite love scenes from literature …

PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD     BY JM SYNGE CHRISTY MAHON: It’s little you’ll think if my love’s a poacher’s love or an earl’s itself, when you’ll feel my two hands stretched around you, and I squeezing kisses on your puckered lips, till I’d feel a kind of pity for the Lord God (who) […]

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolutio...

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution

by Erica Jong  (Originally published by The Daily Beast on Mar 27, 2012 4:45 AM EDT ) Why has feminism become a dirty word? Erica Jong defends the feminist and sexual revolution against criticism from the next generation of women who just don’t get it. When the movie The Way We Were (directed by Sidney Pollack and starring […]

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-Hou...

Pair: Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House

Nice Pair Keeping Your Naughtiness In-House You and Christina Hendricks have a lot in common. Okay, just one thing: you’ve got… photos of a sensitive nature out there. You don’t know how they got there, but they did. Anyway, that reminds us: you should probably look into something a little more private. Say hello to […]

This Guy Paints Vaginas All Day Long!

This Guy Paints Vaginas All Day Long!


Lady Cheeky Smart Smut Swag

Lady Cheeky Smart Smut Swag

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HOT HOTEL: Reina Roja Hotel

HOT HOTEL: Reina Roja Hotel

    It’s been a long winter. So, naturally, you’re thinking of heading somewhere warmer. Hotter. You know, like a hotel with a human-sized cage… Introducing Reina Roja Hotel, a sultry adults-only homage to titillation of all types, located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and taking reservations now. Imagine a typical white-washed Mexican hacienda. Now, […]


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Fworld: Revolutionizing the escort industry in Canada!


Elle Talks w/ Tristan Taormino About Big, Beautiful Sex

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