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Love, Lust and Letters from Partners ...

Love, Lust and Letters from Partners Past
Looking through my old emails, I came upon love letters sent between me and a long distance lover years ago.  This lover was the man who spurred the catalyst that has become my life now and the man who helped me say good-bye to a life lived in black and white and fully express my sexuality in living color.  I remembered, we sent baleful yearn [...]

The Bullet, The Rabbit And The Moon

After the latest short tease of time we had today on IM I was turned on beyond measure. Hot from the words, the feelings, the sexual tension and arousal. My pussy throbbed – whining to be pleased. I escaped into the bedroom and stripped naked, leaving my jeans and panties on the floor – sopping with my juices and a few shades darker for the w [...]

The Longest Wait

By Lady Cheeky          (Originally written 8/10/10) Sitting in the lobby of the trendy and overly decorated hotel waiting for him.  It had been two months since I had any contact with him … almost three months since we made love. But things just changed. They had taken a turn in my favor. And for any lovelorn woman who has ever fantasized of [...]

WHISPER by Lady Cheeky

WHISPER by Lady Cheeky
Whisper in my ear, as you mount me, sweetness I’ve never heard and will never forget. Whisper the secret of your indelible love, all thoughts – promise they’re ever present. Whisper of a constant and impermeable bond that defies logic and providence, yet persists and builds with each word exchanged. Whisper softly, like the sound [...]

Solace by Lady Cheeky

Solace by Lady Cheeky
From Lady Cheeky to M- Excerpt from a past email: “Didn’t have much time to write this for you … so please forgive mistakes and a little less detail than I would’ve liked. xoxo” You come home from a frustrating and chaotic day at work. Everything seems to have gone wrong today; little league cancelled, iPad [...]

After Class

After Class
by Lady Cheeky and Mr. Guerre The note on the counter read, “Don’t forget, I have class tonight. Dinner is in the fridge.  Enjoy your evening and relax.” A red lipstick mark to sign her love brought a smile to my face. It had been a stressful day, slaying the dragons of insanity. It’s hard to believe some people hold t [...]

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