Dec 212013
Love, Lust and Letters from Partners Past

Looking through my old emails, I came upon love letters sent between me and a long distance lover years ago.  This lover was the man […]

Apr 152012
The Bullet, The Rabbit And The Moon

After the latest short tease of time we had today on IM I was turned on beyond measure. Hot from the words, the feelings, the […]

  •  April 15, 2012
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Mar 092012
The Longest Wait

By Lady Cheeky          (Originally written 8/10/10) Sitting in the lobby of the trendy and overly decorated hotel waiting for him.  It […]

Jun 112011
WHISPER by Lady Cheeky

Whisper in my ear, as you mount me, sweetness I’ve never heard and will never forget. Whisper the secret of your indelible love, all thoughts – […]

Apr 132011
Solace by Lady Cheeky

From Lady Cheeky to M- Excerpt from a past email: “Didn’t have much time to write this for you … so please forgive mistakes and […]

Apr 082011
After Class

by Lady Cheeky and Mr. Guerre The note on the counter read, “Don’t forget, I have class tonight. Dinner is in the fridge.  Enjoy your evening […]

Mar 212011
Come Back to Me

10/19/09 (from emails sent 10 days after we met when I was “Princess Polysemy”) Dear Princess: In light of your efforts today, I felt it […]

Mar 212011
Mirror, Mirror

BY Lady Cheeky                                             […]

Mar 212011
The Bullet, The Rabbit and The Moon

By Lady Cheeky                                             […]

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