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I want to expose myself emotionally, sexually and intimately without fear of reprisal, abandonment or ridicule. I want this act to be received in a way that supports my dignity, intelligence, womanhood and heart. I want to be not only accepted, but needed. Not only needed but cherished. Not only cherished, but respected. All of me … not just my body … not just for what I represent or provide or satisfy, but because someone wants to see who I am … really, really see … see all the parts of me and still wants me as a whole – wants me “as is”. Only then, will I be able to believe the sincerity of the words, seductively spoken in dark corners and breathless moments. Only then will I know that I’m not invisible to another and that the true connection between two people exists. Only then, will I love completely, truly and honestly as I love myself. – February 2010

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Jan. 17 @12:00pm for BIG BEAUTIFUL SEX!

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