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My heart continues to break R...

My heart continues to break …

“In secret we met— In silence I grieve That thy heart could forget, Thy spirit deceive. If I should meet thee After long years, How should I greet thee?— With silence and tears.” — When We Two Parted by Lord Byron  (last lines)

Mirror, Mir...

Mirror, Mirror

BY Lady Cheeky                                                                                                         […]

The Bullet, The Rabbit and The M...

The Bullet, The Rabbit and The Moon

By Lady Cheeky                                                   June 23, 2010 After the latest short tease of time we had today on IM I was turned on beyond measure. Hot from the words, the feelings, […]

What I Like To Do To Mr. Gue...

What I Like To Do To Mr. Guerre

May 2010 Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy juice, I firmly hold your taut shaft My left hand plays with your gorgeous balls. Mmmmm it tastes good Martin. I love how your cock tastes. I’m stroking your shaft and massaging your balls between my fingers every now and then I dip my head […]


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