Aug 292011

“In secret we met—
In silence I grieve
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?—
With silence and tears.”

When We Two Parted by Lord Byron  (last lines)
Mar 212011

BY Lady Cheeky                                                                                                                                                                  June 23, 2010

Last night after our encounter, I was aroused beyond a maiden’s patience. Anxiety begat a sexual wildness not known to me for a long time … to long. How do I satisfy this need before I go mad? I walked to the full length mirror in my bedroom to try and see if what I was feeling was apparent. It didn’t seem to be, but something was different. Underneath my nightgown I could see my nipples poking out trying to escape the silk. My sopping nest, I was certain, would be visably throbbing from underneath that I was almost surprised to see it still.

I began to curiously touch my nipples to confirm that their excitement was real . As I ran my fingers and my hands over them with only the silk separating skin from skin … chills rolled up my body and I knew now that I must release myself before I could sleep. Slowly, deliberately I removed the thin straps from my shoulders and let the gown fall away, stopping only for a second as it passed by my pointed nipples.

Without the gown now I could take in my whole naked body. Tracing my breasts, my stomach, my nest with my eyes I began to move my right hand toward my clit. It was only then that I could feel how incredibly wet you had made me, that fact alone seems to draw more blood toward my clit … readying it for my fingers which would be directed by your description that night. I closed my eyes to imagine my fingers were your fingers stroking my clit, rubbing my wetness to allow my other hand to enter me with fingers I imagined is your cock. Thrusting as deeply as they can while the other hand takes over with almost a mind of its own as if possessed by your spirit. Circling and using my own bone structure as resistance between my fingers and my clit. Stimulating it to sensitivity. Circling more now, faster and faster, pressing harder as I removed my left hand from my entry and begin to tease my breasts … cupping and squeezing them gently, pinching the nipples – I could feel my excitement beginning to build. I arched my back, sweat dripping from my body, biting my bottom lip, nostrils flaring, thrusting my hips toward my wet hand as if to hurry my release along. Grabbing firmly at my breasts and nipples as I feel the wave of my orgasm begin.

My body stiffens with the promise of impending climax … bracing itself for the pounding wave of delight that finally comes as I shudder and contort and think of you … and only you … who has given me the gift of this long, powerful and intense orgasm.

My breathing then slowed with sweat and passion dripping from my body. I looked at myself again in the mirror and noticed a slight change in gait and presence. A taller and yet more relaxed Princess … with perhaps the hint of a smile left from your memory on my sated face.

Mar 212011

By Lady Cheeky                                                   June 23, 2010

After the latest short tease of time we had today on IM I was turned on beyond measure. Hot from the words, the feelings, the sexual tension and arousal. My pussy throbbed – whining to be pleased. I escaped into the bedroom and stripped naked, leaving my jeans and panties on the floor – sopping with my juices and a few shades darker for the wetness.

I had received my “bullet” today, the perfect toy to tease and taunt my clit in preparation for your mouth … your hands … your cock. I fell on the bed, legs hanging over the side. Before I began I explored my body … imagining it was you discovering me for the first time. Kissing and appreciating every curve, every lush square inch of my perfect skin … my body was an surreal frontier for your wandering hands and though they had been on many of these explorations, there had never been one quite like this. Even my imperfections were cared for and proclaimed perfect for they were a part of me and here you were communing with my very nature. Blending into me like oil on the skin.

My feet rose and rested on the wall next to the bed – spread wide so you could see your handiwork and my hand could mimic your own. I started the bullet and felt its powerful vibration through my fingers. Touching first my nipples with the humming point, they immediately arose to attention … aroused and sexy … licking my lips as they had become dry from heavy breathing.

I guided the bullet down my torso, past my stomach and let it hover delicately on my mons. I could feel the vibration almost as an insect flapping its wings and no more … but that was enough. My lips started to fill with blood, and I could feel my clit apart from all other parts of my pussy … making it known as the leader, the one who should be courted. My bullet grazed the sides of my lips making my body flinch with possibility. It then made itself known to the back of my slit where it would begin its slow and slick journey up toward the tip of my cunt where my pearl sat waiting. Incrementally almost in perceptively it made its way toward the front of my slit, searching the left side of my lips for solace and reprieve. There was none, but when it had almost reached its destination, the pearl of my pussy throbbed in expectation wanting, begging, needing to explode.

Down went the bullet mockingly. Back toward my backside and starting up the right side to continue this treatment again from another direction. Again my clit grew even more swollen and was sorely disappointed.

I continued this a couple of more times until it was clear that should I do it once again my clit would lose its patience and come without my consent … without my touch … without my Martin.

Tortured and frustrated and now in quite a bad mood I got up. Slipped on a summer dress sans panties and ran out to do errands. The cool fall air would feel good on my hot pussy.

My main errand was to go to the aptly named “HUSTLER” store which, as the name implies, is a sex shop. I had to get something different for Martin to explore me with … something even more enticing.

I decided to get the infamous “Rabbit” that I’d heard tell about. I had not believed it was everything my girlfriends said but I didn’t believe a lot of things a couple of weeks ago and had been proven wrong. All different shapes and sizes, bells and whistles, all adorned with rhinestones and glitter, awash in hot pink silicone and pearl gears. This must’ve been what the executives at the adult toy company must’ve imagined all woman would want their vibrators to look like. Not me. Too tacky. Where would I find a simple and classic “rabbit” to call my own. There I found it. Sans the trappings of flashy adverts and flashier housing. The simple … the original … THE ICONIC RABBIT

And so here I sit, staring at the new moon that you just sent over to keep me company… waiting to use it for the first time with my venerated lover … my swain – Martin Guerre.



Mar 212011

May 2010

Taking my right hand saturated in my pussy juice, I firmly hold your taut shaft

My left hand plays with your gorgeous balls.

Mmmmm it tastes good Martin. I love how your cock tastes.

I’m stroking your shaft and massaging your balls between my fingers

every now and then I dip my head down to quickly lick up your pre cum

so as not to waste a drop of your divine elixir

my middle finger on my left hand grazes your anus, teasing it

seeing your body flinch and twist with my touch excites me

so I continue, as I stroke your glistening, hard dick faster

Intermittently, I add the extra compliment of my mouth

soft and warm on your crown, enveloping your manhood

accepting it

using my hand in motion to extend the pleasure of my mouth

wet and smooth

my tongue washes over your tip on it’s way down my throat

Your cock can feel every taste bud, every ripple on my tongue

my left hand, after first wetting my fingers with my own cum, is on your taint now

and then working them in your ass, pressing against your prostate…

writhing and jerking … you know it feels too good

you can barely stand it

Moaning and moaning and moaning for me

I look up at you, now sucking on your cock harder

squeezing your shaft tighter

to approximate the tightness of my pussy

I moan as I take you in my mouth

your precum sliding out of your slit

my lips slurping it up

drinking it in as I thrust you in and out

teasing your cock with my tongue

sometimes running your tip across my smooth front teeth for a surprise of texture

wiggling my finger in your ass

you are moaning louder now

I am moaning loader now

because you fill me

and it tastes so good

you taste so good

I love your cock in my mouth more than anything

your dick is stunning and I want to devour it

my actions speak for themselves as I keep thrusting you deeply

back into my throat

moving my head side to side so you get all the sensations my mouth can provide

pursing my lips over my teeth

lapping at you as you enter

and sucking on you as you exit

getting firmer with my tension when your cock exits my mouth

so that your rim is “flicked” by my tight lips and then

thrusting you quickly back in

my mouth feels better than my tight pussy

this sensation is like no other for you

made better knowing that I’m thoroughly enjoying it

I’m sucking you off so feverishly

that you cannot believe this sensation possible

my left palm rubbing your balls

my left finger massaging and entering your anus

I can feel you want to cum

I can feel you about to explode

I want you to have a full body orgasm baby

sucking on your cock moving it in and out

side to side

hitting the inside of my cheeks

taking you all the way in my mouth

until my lips touch the top of your balls

and then shaking my head

humming for you so you feel the vibration

I want you to cum for me Martin

I want you to shoot your load in my mouth

so I can feel it slide down my throat

Mmmm and when you cum

Shivering and shaking

I am drinking you

slurping your product down my throat

Tasting your full masculine flavor

Proudly lapping up your seed

now moving to your thighs to

kiss away the remnants

not to waste





You dick is the stuff of dreams

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