May 082014

I got to cross this off of my 2014 wish list!  I love me some Sex Nerd Sandra, (really, who doesn’t?) So when Sex Nerd Sandra called me, and asked if I could come in that afternoon to record a podcast, I had to squelch a nerdy, audible ‘chirp’ of delight.

We recorded 2 shows; one on ‘Big Beautiful Sex’ and another that came from a conversation Sandra and I were having about me taking a break from dating. The other half of this current episode of the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast is her conversation with brilliant, sex-positive therapist, Kate Loree, LMFT who shares her insightful opinions on dating and making good choices. I learned a lot from listening to Kate, and I know you will too. So, even if you’re sick of me, check out Sandra and Kate’s half of the podcast you’ll be glad you did I promise. :)

Please to enjoy, HERE




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Jun 072013

If you weren’t in Los Angeles for Bawdy Storytelling, No Holds Barred at the fabulous El Cid in April and missed my story … here it is should you want to

take a listen by clicking the link below. 

Lady Cheeky Cheeky Swings at Bawdy Storytelling LA!


Now, go buy your tickets for the next L.A. Bawdy Storytelling show which I promise will be a SEX GEEK BLOWOUT!

Get tickets HERE for ‘Bawdy’s Sex Geek Secrets’ on JUNE 27th at BUSBY’s EAST which will feature a live 100th Anniversary podcast of Nerdist’s SEX NERD SANDRA!

Performers include:
– sex blogger Sex Nerd Sandra
– Sex educator & Role Model Reid Mihalko
– Physicist & Pornstar Ned Mayhem
– Music by Windows to Sky
- Way more storytellers to come!

next_event_staticThank you Dixie De La Tour for inviting me and for coaching me through the scary! Thank you Ethan Feerst for being a tech wizard and cutting my piece so I could have it for posterity!


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