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Lady Cheeky Swings at Bawdy Storytell...


If you weren’t in Los Angeles for Bawdy Storytelling, No Holds Barred at the fabulous El Cid in April and missed my story … here it is should you want to take a listen by clicking the link below.  Lady Cheeky Cheeky Swings at Bawdy Storytelling LA! Now, go buy your tickets for the next L.A. […]


I'm In BAWDY STORYTELLING 'No Holds Barred' Next Week!

I’m excited and terrified to be a part of the illustrious Bawdy Storytelling in Los Angeles this coming Wednesday, April 24th at El Cid! Please come by and enjoy the Tapas, delicious drinks and salacious stories, some funny … some moving, but ALWAYS entertaining. The evening is part “Slam” so bring your own story of […]


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Fworld: Revolutionizing the escort industry in Canada!

Elle Talks w/ Tristan Taormino About Big, Beautiful Sex

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